These apply to side projects and hyper-growth startup


Good ideas are common and meaningless.

Good execution is rare and therefore valuable.


No idea is truly original. Be flexible to adapt to new ones. 1

Most ‘unique’ ideas fail. Successful once are spinoffs of already present ideas. 2


In the case of hyper-growth startups, ideas are counter-intuitive. If it seems sensible it is likely a bad idea. 3

Most hyper-grown startup ideas don’t look like startup ideas at all. 3

Trying to find a hyper-growth startup idea is a bad idea. 3

The way to find better ideas is to explore the world and know your customers. 3

Think Big 4

Get started

Rather than trying to find the perfect idea, start small with the one you have and iterate. 5

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  4. Book: The Magic of Thinking Big 

  5. Book: Anything You Work: Start now. No funding needed.