Part 1: Foundations

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  1. With More Responsibility Comes More Power. And with more power comes more responsibility

Part 2: Principles

  1. Fullfill potential: The positive effect of doing hard things
  2. No one gets away with anything.
  3. To escape the problem, actually solve the problem
  4. Start now! Don’t wait.(You can’t wait until forever to get started. Only by starting now you’ll make it easier for your future self. The problems with perfection)

Needs vs Wants.

Nihilism of modern age. And Traditional Roles to the rescue.


Facing obstacles. And becoming antifragile.

Fuck feelings. Be disciplined.

Part 3: Practices

  1. Start with local problems. (Clean your room)
  2. Focus on needs and need to do (duties) rather than wants.
  3. Stop taking on other people’s responsibilities
  4. Be useful and pick the heaviest load you can find.

  5. Conclusion

Facing the dragon