Team Work

Part 1: Foundations

1. 2.

  1. Personalities

Part 2: Principles

  1. We are all narcissists.
  2. Learning to care
  3. Random acts of kindness
  4. Quit Sugar and Bread

Keep your weapons sheeth


Gift of attention. Gift of empathy. Gift of truth.

Part 3: Practices

  1. Learning to care. Guide rather than taunt
  2. Being kind and random acts of kindness.
  3. Be the person everyone calls. Be useful.
  4. Ask for help. People ae more caring that you realize.
  5. Implement Zero Trust

  6. Conclusion

space out so that people have time to adjust #changeManagement


  1. The 7 Tools To Making Better Love Decisions

  2. Choose love over Attachment. What’s the difference between love and attachment?

Love people and use things. Because the opposite never works.

Love is non-transactional.

Love is not special.

Listen: A lot of your life is not just fixing problems. It’s being there with other people.