Clarity 🔭

Synonyms: { Truth , Logos, Structure }

This image is from the show Dr. Stone. Here the young protaganist is confused and pondering on why moon is following it. By allowing himself to stay confused and ask that question, he eventually figures it out. Later in the show, you’ll find Senku applying this concept to all that he does, making him intellectually unreachable.

Part 1: Foundations

  1. What does clarity mean? And why is it the first core-value?
  2. Why is clarity relevant?
  3. Why and how clarity coincides with truth and vision?
  4. What is truth? What is perspective? How multiple truths can co-exist?
  5. Why we should strive to tell the truth always?

Mental Models and Framework Thinking

  1. Ethos Pathos Logos

Part 2: Principles

  1. Truth and good are tied.
  2. You are likely wrong.
  3. The more you can look at the past and your current map. The more you’ll be able to see the future.

Part 3: Practices

  1. Structuring your thoughts. Using mental models for truth and core values for vision.

  2. Spotting and navigating cognitive biases.
  3. Spotting and navigating logical fallacies.

  4. Implement Zero Trust in Real Life: Catching lies, liars and protecting yourself

  5. Tell the truth. Or atleast not lie.
  6. Learning to share your thoughts with others. (Intimate conversations) Why communication leads to better thinking.
  7. Developing Self Awareness

Developing Vision

  1. A man who thinks in decades is dangerous

Part 4: Nuances

  1. Is it truth? Or is it panic?