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By telling the truth, you won’t have to remember much. You won’t have to remember who you lied to and what. And so you can express yourself without second guessing.

If you always tell the truth, you won’t lie to yourself. Wishful thinking is a trap which will have an easier time avoiding if you always tell the truth.

Truth leads to clarity. Truth will set you free. If you are not free, see if you are speaking the truth or don’t know it completely.

Telling the truth is adventurous.


Telling the truth is easier when you believe certain assumptions:

  1. By telling the truth, the best possible scenario that can happen will happen.
  2. While speaking the truth even if you are afraid to think you are alone know that others exists. they are just as afraid as you.

If you are overwhelmed, see if you are telling the truth.

Telling the truth unhides the fog. Truth always shines.

Not telling the truth is bad for self esteem.

Why you should speak up

At meetings, everybody does not understand. By speaking up and asking questions, giving suggestion everyone benifits.

By speaking up, likeminded people will come to you.

By speaking up, you increase trust.

By speaking up, you never have the regret of being silent.

By speaking up, if someday you are on a wrong track others will speak up and tell you.


Framing is something we use all the time.

Every information has to be compressed in some way else it will take forever to speak.

Therefore, we have to make sure we be as precise as possible without taking forever to convey.

How to speak up and tell the truth?

Tell the truth or atleast not lie.

Philosophy is not mathematics. There are no hard rules let’s assume their is.

You have have to hide facts from let’s say kids, that is okay. But don’t lie.

Tell it fast and Tell it fully

Be precise in your speech.

If you are good at articulations, you should articulate for someone else specially with the person you are having the argument. The goal is to get to the truth and understanding, and not to win.

Do not do things that you hate

Act so that you can tell the truth about how you act

Live by the truth. Listen to your consons.

Express your intend properly.

Be polite. Don’t try to humilate.

By framing make sure your express the intend of solving the problem else your speaking truth will backfire.

Tell the truth. See the truth. Listen to the truth. Test the truth.

Speak out the truth. See the truth. ….

Looking at Truth

Reduce ego to see and accept what’s true

Don’t just look at works. Look at actions and patterns overtime. With yourself and in others. Action is the only truth in yourself and in others. You can ask questions to yoruself and others to gain clarity or tell them what you are thinking based on their actions.

Without thinnking anything/adding biases. Try to think like another person wood.

Thinking in questions: TDD

Further Reading Naval Ravikant

First Principles Thinking

Assuming you are wrong : quantify with probability

To be as truthful as possible, always think beforre saying. Deliver truth to yourself first fully. And form it well

  • If you are talking about events think and recall the event and recall what happened then exactly

You are what you do not what you say you are going to do.

It’s not like you can hide the truth or your intentions. So don’t even try. your intent always shows therefore

Peace/Truth: Be authentic 100%

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

What’s your truth?

Also courage: What do you do when no one is watching? When only you watch?

To be honest, speak without identity.

Truth and courage: A man is worth how much truth he can handle/tolerate.

You need to be mentally tough enough to listen to the truth without getting emotional. Toughness is measured by how much you can take, not by how aggressive you can be.

All extremely good things happen in truth. So your identity should not matter.

Make sure each time you speak your words have wright. Sometimes silence have higher weight.

Team: be a very good explainer.

Activities that increase probability of being truthful: truth-booster, truth-rival

Truth is a sword. An insult may hirt you if it is trye. It won’t hurth if it is false. Carefully analysis and validate an insult or critic.

Truth/Courage: means you won’t agree with certain things and certain people.

Look at truth that resonates.

Learn about yourself. Learn so much that you can communicate. Record yourself doing it

Disect truth one step at a time. Isolate variables and then disect.

The way excapte mediocrity is to become a truth seeking mistle in everything. even if it means rejecting, annoting and arguig withe everyone around you.

The person we fool the most is ourselves.

and Team Be more assertive so you can be less resentful

Dichotemy: Trust your guts

Opposite of truth and truthful action is acting.

Nothing would make you more powerful than your words/ability to articulate.

Test and reject falsehood.

You can do an aweful lot of things by writing down what happened to you and thinking it through.

To be a clear thinker is a greater complement than being smart.

Telling the truth/being precise allows you to fix the scope quickly. Once the scope if fixed, solutions are exact.

Courage: Speak slowly and confidently.

Influencing Values - Description
Inputs   Live in reality.

Movies/TV Shows/Anime/works of friction aren’t depiction of real life.
How to tell if you are telling the truth? / RED PILL How to tell if you are lying? / BLUE PILL
Deliver truth to yourself first. Form it fully and completely.  
Get specific. Not stay wage.  
Talk Slowly: Rushing increases probability of not being truthful.  
Be willing to disagree.

You can do so respectfully. You don’t have to rationalize. Disagreement should not destroy a friendship. It should strengthen it.

In truely logical discussions, we quickly fix the facts parties agree upon and quickly figure out difference with usually is difference in belief.
Share whole information

It need not be a lot of words. Ideally it should be the least about of words that expresses the intent.
Use guiding phrases/questions. Truth Boosters

Truth stands tests.

Share uncertainity. (Phrases like: “Mixed feeling” are appropriate )

Simplest explaination?