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This is collections of posts/ideas I have come across over the years.

These only apply to non-fiction writing

Writing is thinking

  • Writing is learning how to think. Writing is a reflection of your thoughts.

To write better, you don’t have to become a “writer”

  • Grammar is very small part of writing. The most important thing is having something useful to say.

  • The way to have something interesting to say is to go experience the world.

  • Improve your writing in every opportunity you get

Use less words

  • If it can be said in a blogpost, don’t write a book. If it can be said in a tweet, don’t write a blog post.

  • One big idea per post

  • Don’t quote make it yours and say it yourself.

Writing helps you to

  • Form your thoughts better

  • Document and share your progress


writing writing is thinking the best thing about writing on a computer is that you can edit things later which is the same as editing your thoughts best things about writing by hand is no distraction. no pressure. clean slate combine both writing tip: read a sentence. remove all the useless words. forget attributions. it makes you slow. Plus you want it to be your own thoughts. So make those thoughts your own. Don’t care about attributions. You won’t remember it if it’s not your thought. Stop quoting.

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