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Baton Road

How humanity progresses.

How humanity progresses.

Baton Road 1 is a feeling I had since childhood about how humanity progresses.

Progress is a collective initiative. No one individual changes the world.

There is a generation of them who made improvements that have push everyone forward.

  1. Someone made electricity
  2. Other person did maths
  3. Some person made transistor
  4. Other made Integrated Circuit
  5. People started making better software
  6. Hardware got faster
  7. Internet happened
  8. Smartphone’s happened
  9. Deep Learning is happening

The baton has been passing from generation to generation of doers who were no better than we are. 2

Currently, the most significant baton holder is Mr Musk. He is pushing a lot of critical areas forward.

The future generations will not have to deal with many of the problems he is solving.

The baton is not limited to technology. Every field connects to every other. Advances in any will improve every.

Every moment happens once. 3

  • The next Steve Jobs won’t start a hardware business.
  • The next Zuckerberg won’t build a social network.
  • The next Elon Musk won’t set up an electric car company.
  • The next one will have to deal with a new problem most relevant to that time.

Someday the 🔥 baton will pass on to our generation. Hopefully, I’ll be ready.

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  1. The title ‘Baton Road’ is inspired by Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Intro 1

  2. Steve Jobs Secrets of Life

  3. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

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