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Opinions/Events are not black and white.

'Probably Right'

'Probably Right'

Lack of information

Sometimes the decision is just a lack of information at the time.

Most of us would want to make optimal decisions all the time.

But as humans, we have our shortcomings and everyone is trying to do their best with the information they have.

There is always a trade-off.

In every decision you make, there may be points in which you think the decision is right. And there are points where the same decisions are bad.

If you ask people for their opinion over something, each one of them will say a slightly different thing.


The opinion isn’t enough, you got to dig for reasoning.

Reasoning over opinions for many is not developed.

Some choose an opinion because it is popular or because their friends and family have a similar opinion.

Those that have unique reasoning are interesting people.

Knowing their reasoning helps you think from their point of view easier.

Your opinion is probably right but it may be wrong.

Any opinion you have or someone else has is probably right.

There are 6 billion people alive right now.

If you someday create a random belief, you could estimate that at least someone would have the same belief as you.

Therefore, you’re likely never completely wrong. (unless it is an opinion about logic 🙃)


You cannot convince everyone. Everyone has a different point of view. But you can try to explain yours.

This is why we have debates and democracy. Systems where people share their opinion as try to come to a consensus.

Respecting other people’s opinions

You may be right. Maybe absolutely right.

But still you are not them. In exactly their life circumstances.

We are impacted a lot my people around us.

Free speech

Trying not to offend over important topics is not useful

If you are talking about something important, then you’ll likely offend someone.

If you are sharing with 10 people, it is easy to not offend someone. But when you are sharing with a 100 or a thousand of 10000, then just by pure randomness you may offend someone. 1

A good founder listens to everyone then does what he wants to do. 2

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