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Age is not a perfect measure of experience



Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Kids learn too

Some kids learn hard skills like playing the piano at a very young age. They often get labelled as a child prodigy.

This categorization assumes that the child is born with talents and ignores the fact that he/she has to spend years learning the skill.

Most child piano prodigies start at age 4, by the time they are age 10 they already have 6 years of Piano experience. No doubt they have skills.

People who learn faster

On the other hand, some people put in more effort to learn to skills properly.

They either grasp the ideas or maybe had better learning resources.

Either way, they learned skill with no formal learning/training would take years.


Most corporate environments favour “years of experience spent at work” at a primary factor for determining salary and projects.

This ignores the ability of the person to get the job done.

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