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Articulate Fully


Being able to articulate something fully is the whole game of a knowing if you have a clear mind or not.

Often you may find that by talking to someone, you are able to find solution to your own problems by yourself. This is because you Before you weren’t able to articulate completely what you’re thinking. By forcing yourself to articulate you make yourself more clear.

So, if you are stuck at something, be it anything of a kind: A problem you are trying to solve.

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Abstract

I believe anything than bother’s you should be fully articulated.

All you need to do is articulate it fully and hopefully as easy as possible. Even forced articulation is better than no articulation.

There are multiple ways one can force articulation some of them are mentioned below.

Explain at five levels

One of the practices one can person is explain it to pretend or really explain 5 people.

  • A child
  • A teenager
  • A collage kid
  • A adult
  • A expert


while contemplating you want to fix certain variables about your problem, and then explain the rest and try to fix those too.

I find the best way to contemplate is to perform at formal sitting meditation with eyes closed.

Talk/Explain to someone else

Close your eyes

Close your eyes to think better.

Slow/Calm down

Focus on Intend. Then say what you want.

Don’t over focus on your words.

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