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Who is your audience?

Rephrase: Who is your customer?

Rephrase: Who is your customer?

Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

I once was a participant in the Dance group at my school.

We were performing on Children’s Day.

We started our performance with LMFAO Party Rock Anthem (English). It was a tough dance which we had practised many times. We had also casually added Chamak Chalo (Hindi) to increase our performance length.

When LMFAO ended, we were all tired but there was no applause or appreciation from the audience.

Then a tune rang and everyone started cheering. Chamak Chalo was starting and the audience went bonkers.

The students at the school listened to Hindi songs. We were forcing English songs on a different demographic.

Now when “performing”, I try to keep this in mind.

I recently had an opportunity to play the Piano at an office event. I had decided to play classical as that would best show my skills. But my audience had probably never given much thought to Vivaldi or Beethoven. So I picked Perfect by Ed Sheeran. It was an easy song. But the audience loved more than I had expected.

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