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The lifetime of 'Content' is getting smaller



A few years ago there was a lot of rage for getting onto social media.

The argument was that once you upload something, your content stays on the internet forever. Therefore earning you money/opportunities forever.

A few years ago you could easily see people Monopolize a category just within a few months of uploading.

A few changes happened between 2013 to 2020 (now) that seem to have effected this notion.

Competition and Similar Content

The amount of people uploading and watching “content” has exploded.

If a few years ago the same content would have less competition. But now not just the content has to compete with other similar content but also over factors like freshness.

Reducing attention span

Personalized Recommendation Engines

Bigger companies saw value in the shift in attention towards online sources and exploding data.

Since the amount of data has increased, the recommendation algorithms designed to keep people engage and make advertisers happy are getting more and choosy.

Personalized Search Engines

A few years go personalize results only appeared for feeds, now appear in normal search results too. This means that everyone who searches for something gets different results.

But this also means that you are more likely to target your specific demographic as the algorithm thinks it is the right fit.

These all lead to change in SEO strategy

The basic search engine optimization (SEO) methods like keyword optimization and backlinking no longer work as well as effectively as they used to. These methods were more or less automatic and easy for people to make their websites reach people easily.

The newer methods which work along with are basic SEO strategies are more analog. A person has to decide how to come up with these:

  • Site-specific strategies like Thumbnail and Timestamp on Youtube,
  • Creating a ‘brand’ account and promoting
  • Engaging and trying to retain users with witty and regular posts/stories


The newer methods of engagement are more work than what they were a few years ago.

At the same time, the result of these efforts is more shorten as the same strategy is applied by every other content generator.

The role of automation in content marketing is getting smaller while that of strategy is getting larger.

Photo by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

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