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Copying Others vs Being Yourself


People love having role models --- I have role models too. They include, Steve Jobs (for changing the world), Tim Ferriss (for becoming healthy, wealthy and wise --- 4HB, 4HWW, 4HC), Jony Ive (for beautiful product designs), Narendra Modi (for the power to do good), Warren Buffet (for art of making money), Elon Musk (for becoming Iron Man), Buddha (for Nirvana/inner peace), Marcus Aurelius (for being a good empirer and stoic philosphy), Akira Toriyama (for Dragon Ball)… the list continous.

I wanted to be like these people for reasons mention in the brackets. I would sometime imagine what my roll model(s) would do if they were in my situation.

My mind changed when I heard Tim saying more than once something which went like this --- I am no super hero. --- I don’t know how it feels to be Elon Musk. But I like being Tim Ferriss.

After putting some brain to use and reading this article I realised ---

Everyone is different. And are supposed to be different.

Here different means

--- Different Strengths and Weakness

--- Different Situations including Birth Year and Country

No roles models of mine had the same story. They all made different choices depending on the situation they were in --- without copying anyone else.

The principles they used are helpful. Their story? Not so much.


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