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Towards Data Driven Decisions


What are Data Driven Decisions?

Data-Driven decisions are the ability to formulate and make decisions out of the data from the real world.

Why am I interested in Data Driven Decisions?

For 2 years in my college, I was very driven to become a data scientist. During that time, I worked a lot with data. Not just looking at data but understanding it. So I have an intuitive sense of it.

I have studied value-based decision making, where we define a value and act according to that value in all situations.

There are some loopholes in the value-based approach and which is feedback. Systems need to be improvised somehow. And especially when we are optimizing a system, we need to know when we have peaked.

We also need to know MED (Minimum Effective Dose). So that we can prioritize other tasks too.

I am also interested in Data-Driven Decisions for deciding what feature to work on and optimizing my workflows.

An interest of mine is Observability in distributed systems.

What are some preliminary observations I have about data-driven decisions?

Data-driven decisions can be totally quantity or qualitative.

Qualitative decisions can be converted to qualitative if they are in the form of a questionnaire.


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