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Deal with health problems by becoming a domain expert in the field so that you can collaborate better with doctors


Knowledge is power. The more data points you have, the more informed decisions you can make.

For anything major, collaborate with your doctor.


Health problems may seem small at first. But they get big swift.

It’s best to prevent them.

These are basic checks:

  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Water
  • Exercise
  • Sitting period?
  • Stress

Try to manage it yourself.

Get started with home remedies right away. Why wait and suffer?

Collect Data

In all of life, collecting data is the most important thing.

Observe. Observe everything and note it down.

Many things are lifestyle-related, like overeating sugar or too spicy.

  • Sleeping badly.
  • Addictions.
  • Wearing tight clothes.
  • And more.

If you search on google, you’ll be able to find more things and other symptoms that you might be able to recognize.

YouTube videos are more helpful as they provides broad context. Information here is kind. But make sure to talk with your doctor before doing something stupid.

All this is doing your homework before visiting your doctor, which will help him make a more informed decision.

You can collect data as:

  • Photos
  • Tests
  • Log of all events including:
    • Food
    • Sleep
    • Things specific to your problem

Take your meds

Get into a system to take your meds? Alarms on phones are good.

Take meds seriously because there is a reason associated with each. For example, antibiotics (post-food) and digestive pills (pre-food) are often paired up. The pre-digestive food creates a shield for the intestines and protects them from antibiotics so that you won’t feel a burning sensation.

Ask your doctor why you are taking each med.

You can also Google it. or look at sites like [apollo pharmacy]

For example this is the tablet I was taking: Afdura Tablet 10- Apollo Pharmacy

Some meds have side effects.

Make sure the basics (sleep, food[high protein like chicken], water, exercise) are in place if not already. These will help you speed up your recovery.


Tests can verify many diseases.

Know all the tests related to what problem you are facing.

Also, know how to read and understand them.


Disease, disorder, condition, syndrome - what’s the difference?

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