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Ethical Capitalism

The Game Which Everyone Needs To Win

The Game Which Everyone Needs To Win

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Capitalism is Pure Genius

Capitalism involves pushing oneself to help others.

Entrepreneurs find a problem, solve it, and earn money as a reward.

In capitalism terms, money is proof that you are adding value to the world. 1

Those who don’t own a business, help others by becoming an employee, thus adding value.

The Path To High Impact Is Through Capitalism

It is efficient to adapt ourselves to the world than to do the opposite. Money is a form of trust.

You’re going to need money to have the effect of any kind and at any stage. Being a capitalist (employee or entrepreneur), providing value, and being compensated with cash is the best way to do it.

Capitalism + Ethics

Capitalism is not perfect. If not kept in check, it can turn evil (Example: East India Company) and provide no value.

Ethics is not intrinsic to capitalism. And it probably never be as it is hard to map out. A combination of the two leads to more results than one or the other.

Ethics enables you to play long-term games, be trustworthy and win social trust.

The mix of the two is probably why companies like Apple and Tata Group are so successful and trusted for so long. They provide high value while not compromising on ethics.

It seems better to think in terms of adding value than to think in terms of money.


  1. Naval Ravikant

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