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Physical Exercise



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Benefits of Exercising

You’ll look good. You’ll develop good posture. And therefore attract beautiful potential mates.

You’ll feel good. You’ll feel confident. Your chest will be pumped out.

You’ll be smarter and more disciplined. Laziness will be gone. Brain will be pumped with blood. You’ll be much more productive in less time.

You’ll fall sick less. Your body with fight those diseases like never before.

You’ll pick up heavy things with easy. You’ll be the man who gets relied on by others.

You’ll be able to do more things for longer. You’ll be able to swim, run up mountains, run for longer, jump, climb 🧗‍♀️ walls, do a back flip, rock in the dance floor. A lot of great experiences are to be had by moving

Get Started

Do anything that you can do.

Plan things out in advanced.

Work on 80% of your capacity. You don’t want to get so sore that you cannot do anything the next day.

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