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Let the world do what it wants to do, you follow your core values



Core values are long term. They aren’t short term.

They may have good shorterm impact too. But not always.

While you are following your core values, you’ll find people taking shortcuts. Hacking and bending reality to fit their short term purpose.

Many time you’ll also be tempted to go on the same path. To not pay attention to details. To skip consciously. You may want the same fast pace progress that other’s are having.

But don’t go down that path. Fast is an illusion. A puffed up reality.

Real long term progress is slow and takes months and years. You’ll likely stare into an abyss. But it’s way better to voluntarily choose to go and stare into the abyss. As more snd more time passed, you’ll see a light. A transformed version of you in every area of life.

So making your decisions based on what the world is doing. Let them take their path. You choose yours.

If you have carefully selected your core values, you believe these are your best bets. Choose your best bets no matter the short term impact.

Photo by nima hatami on Unsplash

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