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Don’t try to force a sale on people who are not your user base



These apply to companies which sell “premium”/high cost products.

Many companies try putting limited time offers making people decide to put money down.

I have fallen victim myself. Multiple times. Especially with gyms and education sites.

I realize they have limited time offers every other day. 😑 I could have waited before jumping to their sales presentation.

Many startup which are in hyper-growth stage do this.

Okay for middlemen

For middlemen companies such as shops and e-commerce sites. It matters less.

They are middlemen, they don’t care about the customers. They care about sales and money 💰.

Not okay when you are selling yourself

But for companies which sell products themselves, they risk one every important factor.

What happens when user does not like your product?

  • He was half sure about buying your product.
  • Now he will tell everyone in his connection to not purchase your product.
  • Plus he’ll also mention to them not to fall for your “sales presentation”.

I have done so myself multiple times.

Word of Mouth sale is quite underrated.

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