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Ways towards Freedom


Why I have been contemplating freedom?

I have been contemplating this for a while. Defining my core values has been a step toward consciously choosing the kind of person I want to be given the ups and downs.

The reason to have freedom is to be “free” (duh!). To be free to choose what one wants to do when one wants to do it. And do not be tied to anything in particular.

What are some ways to achieve freedom?

So given the premise of freedom above, I believe these are some known ways to have a little more freedom in life. All of these are mutually exclusive.

How does money help achieve freedom?

The more money you have, the less you have to worry about a lot of things.

You could eat what you want, travel where you want, etc.

It’s not as important to have money. It’s more important to become the type of person that can make money. That would set you free.

How does commitment lead to freedom?

Children are full of potential. They are something but aren’t anything in particular.

Committing to something, be it values, a career choice, a relationship, etc gives you freedom from all the other choices that look green from the outside. They may or may not be greener but that’s a discussion for some other day.

By committing to something, you release the potential it brings.

How does detachment lead to freedom?

Detachment means having emotions under control. We assign too much importance to our emotions. Emotions are indicators but aren’t absolute truths.

Detachment keeps your mental RAM free because you aren’t attached to the outcome. aka you just don’t care.

This makes you a much more rational person.

Rationality as a way towards freedom?

Being aware of your cognitive biases, logical fallacies, and loaded language; lets you be free of them.

How does discipline lead to freedom?

This one is the ultimate. If you are disciplined, the work gets done despite resistance.

Being disciplined doesn’t mean you have to be super serious. Being super serious does the opposite.

Winning the game to become free of it?

Many games are one-time games. Like money, once you win the game of money, you’ll just have to spend a little bit of time maintaining it.

Similarly, if you have a good “personal brand” that’s reputation and truth worthy, you win everything without much effort.

If you win the game, you become free of it.

Ending notes

Freedom is a feeling. It may be that you are truly free but just don’t feel like it.

The ultimate freedom is freedom from the mind.

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