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Hurrying does not help.


Hurring is similar to stock market investing.

If you rush, you make a profit some times and you losses some times. In the end, you are in the same place.

Watching YouTube videos at 2x speed won’t help. Especially if it is a field you are not familiar with.

If you write super fast, you’ll not be able to understand what you wrote.

If you read too fast, you won’t have enough comprehension.

If you push yourself to work, you’ll burn out.

There is a point before you rush called the minimum effective dose (MED) 1.

If you go beyond MED the speed will fast but progress will be slow. If you go below MED the speed will be slow and progress will be slow.

If you are the MED, your speed will be optimum and progress will be optimum. The tricky thing is MED for any task changes in moments.

No rush. No pause. 2


  1. 4 Hour Body

  2. Tim Ferriss

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