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Keep your Karma Ledger clean

We should not avoid good action. Good action has good results in the long term. It may seem easy to avoid good action in the short term. But good action is the only path to the best outcome.

We should not avoid good action. Good action has good results in the long term. It may seem easy to avoid good action in the short term. But good action is the only path to the best outcome.

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Karma karo fall ki chinta maat karo

In a previous post, I talked about Karma and Karmafal. Here is why you should always keep your karma ledger clean despite to inability to control Karmafal.

Two Outcomes of Karma

There are two outcomes of karma

  1. Karma bites us in our ass.
  2. Karma “may” supports us when we least expect it.

Karma Debt bites us in our ass always

We think we can get away with things. This could be bigger things like cheating in an exam, corruption, or lying. Or this could be something small and trivial like, procrastinating, not helping someone in need, etc. We may miss something important like forgetting to set an alarm in the morning.

Karma Debt bites our ass always.

Loud Bite

Suppose we treat our friends badly. They initially try to understand us. But then they realize we are just bullies. Eventually, either we get into a fight or our friends leave us and we are left lonely. This is karma in full action. Loud, seen, and understood.

Silent Toll

The bite of Karma need not be loud. It can be a silent toll.

Since childhood, I neglected learning maths. Sometimes I was overconfident in my ability. But overall because I didn’t practice, I couldn’t get to good college. Not only that I’m still weak at most maths places. I didn’t learn and overcome it. Math is a very important skill. And I predict I could have earned twice as much by being in a better college if I had spent my years learning. It’s a silent toll.

Karma “may” supports us when we least expect it

Direct Support

We may believe we don’t know enough. But if we trained ourselves (karma), when it comes time to perform, our bodies and mind act automatically. This is karma is action.

If you didn’t perform a crime, you are free from it.

Silent and Slow Support

Similarly, let’s say you showed told the truth at every moment. Now, you have built trust with the people around you. You have developed trustworthy friends slowly. That trust is because of your Karma.

How and why do we (the people) give up Karma?

Believing you can get away

You can’t get away with anything. Our world is a reality. Do you really think you could get away with one exam cheating? Try it. And then you’ll realize that you don’t know the concepts. And it compounds everything you do.

Avoiding responsibility

People try to find flaws around them to latch on to so that they can justify what they will be doing and what they did. It’s like taking revenge on the environment.

We argue for your rights. People are saying “We want a job”, What’s their qualification? They may have barely passed high school.

Karma Adds Up

The Karma Ledger never lies. Karma Ledger keeps track of your inputs and your efforts. It’s the source of truth that no one can deny.

I am usually not someone who gives Ethos examples. But I have found a few people who keep their ledger so clean that it’s really hard to argue or find flaws in them.

These people are honest and forthright, say what they think, and get work done. From these people, I learned that no matter what, don’t make a single known mistake i.e. no mistake made from negligence.

  • Jordan Peterson
  • Narendra Modi
  • Yogi Adityanath

There are several benefits this offers:

  1. When you look back you have a stack of karma you see progress. This motivated you further.
  2. Every item is hopefully done to its best. You know you couldn’t have done more than your best. Meaning this moment is the best it can be.
  3. You have no karma debt. No getting your ass bitten.

Keeping your karma ledger clean should be enough to do good actions.

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