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Who is a leader?



Photo by Morgan McKnight on Unsplash

Lately, I’ve been watching Simon Sinek and Jocko Willink videos.

Leadership can be thought of in multiple ways.

Not a leader

  • Uninspired.
  • Not focused on work.
  • Focused only on the paycheck.

Forced to be leader aka The Manager

He/She is a “leader” because of their position in an organization

Their role has nothing to do with their skills, rather they have “years of experience” so it is weird for others to keep them at the bottom position.

Pain to ideas/people around them and always wants things to be their way because “I said so” + Micromanagement

Chooses to be a leader

A person who chooses to be a leader regardless of their position in the organization.


  • sees a problem and proposes a solution
  • takes on responsibilities
  • delivers on them
  • disagrees with a process/method/idea when it is needed but provides proper reasoning and is ready to discuss over it if needed
  • debates and let’s the best idea win

If someone is stuck, he/she helps them and doesn’t just leave them i.e he/she is a good team member.

Treats everyone the same regardless of their title.

It is fun to see people’s behavior around you and think about what type of leader they are.

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