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Meditation is how you become peaceful all the time



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What is meditation

Meditation is a activity which is weird for many. It can seem stupid or woo woo.

There is nothing in meditation that will give you insights about physical universe/galaxy.

Meditation (investigation of mind) can be separated from religious concepts. You need not believe something to meditate.

You can be mindful and disciplined at the same time.

The best time to meditate is when you feel discomfort. Detach become mindful of your thoughts and the you’ll realize the thought cycle is stupid and will go on forever with one thing after another.

Being regular

If you don’t have 10 minute to meditate 🧘🏽‍♂️, you should meditate for an hour.

Give yourself 10 minutes, other things can wait.

One you have learned how to truly meditate, You’ll have to tune it up from time to time.

Meditating at the same time and place is useful.

Have formal sitting practice in the morning before you do any major task.


There is no one perfect meditation. Different forms/formats of meditation will make you better at every form of meditation.

Selecting the ideal meditation is about moving opposite to what’s automatic. If you are feeling too much inside, try to focus on the outside. If you are feeling too much outside, focus inside.

Meditation can be practiced anywhere and at any time. While eating, brushing, talking to someone, using your phone or laptop. While this is great, it is not a replacement for formal sitting.

When you meditate with open eyes 👀, it’s okay to look here and there. Recognize the intention to look. Where is the intention coming from.

Goal and Progress

Your goal while meditating is not be become a meditator. Your goals is to investigate your mind truthfully.

The progress of meditating is seen when you are not formally meditating. It includes a calmness if things you do.

Don’t be rigid while meditating. Let yourself flow.

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