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My Core Beliefs from Feb 2023

The fundamental operating system

I choose my core-beliefs very carefully.

I don’t and won’t do things that I want.

I will do and do do things that I need or things that need to be done.

Both are a form of responsibility. Need being respo to self. Need to be done means respo to others. Because my wants can always be something that’s not good for me. But my needs are always good for me because they are essential.

I won’t lie. I won’t utter a word that I know is a lie.

And I won’t manipulate to get what I want. But I can state it simply.

Because I don’t know what the truth is. But atleast when I’m speaking I’ll stop and reformularw when i’m about to utter a lie so that i’ll be as truthful as possible.

On the same line. I won’t ever manipulate or lie to get what I want. But I’ll state them clearly as I can. And see if I can hget it. If I do get it via an ethical parh good. Or else I’ll try another day.

I don’t attack the person. I attack the action.

I want toxicity and/or problem to end. It doesn’t help to attack the person because person gets defensive.

I need a better way to explain this. I can say I want toxicity to end or problem to end. But I need something more definitive.

There are no shortcuts. There are no hacks.

Shortcut is a lie. The hack does not get you anywhere. I am not afraid to voice my opinion where it’s needed and necessary. I am speak the truth. And I understand there are no shortcuts. And no hacks!

I don’t revolve my life around women.

As a man, it’s tempting. And sometimes I feel insecure FOMO. But there are more important things to do in my life. I have responsibilities and I need to fulfil them!

Plus, it’s not like it helps. Having someone that you trust solves that area only. Not other areas! And if I try to burden someone, it’s not god for them, it’s not good for me. I do my part. And them do theres.

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