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Paper work is like DevOps


I have never been fully able to get into the flow of DevOps. I always kept wondering why that is.

I believe I have a good enough hypothesis.

Coding is fast. You just learn a bunch of patterns and implement solutions.

DevOps is slower to work on because it requires a bunch of configurations. Those configurations are very specific and have to work a certain way.

Therefore the actually “DevOps” command/software-blog/configuration would be small but require a lot of pre-reading/experimentation. Once done, the result is huge but daily progress usually seems much slower.

This feels very similar to paper work be it bank, government, etc. Paper work requires a bunch of skills similar to what’s needed with DevOps.

  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Pre-planning
  • Regular experimentation

Plus it requires more stuff, going out to bank, government office. A huge drain for some specially if paired up with being a bit shy.

Anyway it needs to be done. So might as well get it done.

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