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The more personal responsibility you take on and fullfil, the more incontrol you’ll feel. This will give you strength and power.

The more personal responsibility you take on and fullfil, the more incontrol you’ll feel. This will give you strength and power.

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What does taking personal responsibility mean?

Taking personal responsibility for ourselves means knowing that whatever happens to us in our responsibility.

Why we should take personal responsibility?

If something is good or something is bad, we have a lot more control over the situation that we realise. This can be a strategy we need to adopt, something that we have been doing that needs to be changes or something that we had been escaping that we should do.

We don’t control what happens, we control how we respond. Often things we are faced with may not be our faults but it’s our responsibility to pick it up voluntarily.

The more voluntary responsibility we are able to pick up, the more powerful and in control we would feel even if some area of life has minor temporary set backs.

Also think of this in terms of relationships, stronger individuals make stronger families. Stronger families make stronger world. Taking on personal responsibility is ultimate decentralized command. Every individual is stronger then all of them can grow together forward.

So, at every moment of the day, everything that happens to you, live as though you are the only one responsible to deal with it. Cuz for the most part you really are.

What happens when we don’t pick up responsibility?

Not picking up responsibility is neither good to us and neither good to others. It’s wasted potential. It’s all the things that we could have done, all the good we could have accomplished that could make everyone lives better, but we instead choose the alternative.

It’s better to try and fail that to not try at all. 1> 0;

An experiment we can do to get started is: Take on and complete as many responsibilities/opportunities thrown towards you in a week and see what happens.

Role Models: Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), Jordan Peterson

For: Courage is proper action despite not being fully ready. If you are given an opportunity to be courageous, you are already prepared.

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Responsibility and other factors

Why you shouldn’t leave things undone? : Because when problems come, these are the vulnerabilities that become a problem.

You have to take your own respo: so that you won’t blame anyone for anything. If things go good you know it was your choice. If things go bad, you know it was your choice awell.



  1. Take full responsibility for yourself.

  2. Taking responsibility is a choice you make in every moment.

  3. You aren’t obligated to take responsibility for others. But you should guide them or at least be so responsible that you lead by exa mple.

  4. If someone gives you responsibility, take it.

specific examples: if your boss,family,partner by themselves are giving you respo. It means they think you are ready for it or ready for growth. take it and fullfil it to it’s best

  1. Important: Start with local problems that repeat. Don’t try to solve something that isn’t even a problem of high ROI.

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