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Resume and Linkedin Tips

Do you want to have high salary? or Do you want to have a good career? or Both?

Here are some resume tips. Most apply to software engineering roles.



LinkedIn is a professional network. It isn’t a network of friends. So go with he hopes of making a “network” connection. This might require a shift in thinking.

Get good linkedIn url link: https://zety.com/blog/linkedin-on-resume

Use resumeworded.com to get a score and iterate.

Look at other people’s LinkedIn

Asking for referral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85i78eoltNk


Subject: Amazon Job Referral (ID: 1629491)

Hope you are safe and well.

I am B Tech Computer Science student, well versed with Data Structures and Algorithms. I have solved 1000+ standard quality DS and Algo problems and have 4 Internships. Experiences. Also I am expert rated at codeforces and (1991) at codechef.

It would really be helpful if you could refer me for a Software Developer/Intern position at Amazon ( 1629491).

Thank you.

{Attach Resume}

You’ll have to apply for to apply for too many jobs and ask too many referrals. You can use template extensions on chrome such as Magical Expander. :)

Here’s the above once in template


Have an ATS Friendly resume format

Here is the template I use: New template - Software Engineering Lead - Google Docs

Update your resume regularly.

Find items to add to your resume. At work, look for things that will look good on your resume. Mainly the most challenging responsibilities/tasks look good on a resume.

You are likely selling yourself short. Write down everything you do. Then find our things your employeer might need.

Don’t be shy to add what you are doing right now.

  • Example: In-process of implementing a continuous delivery pipeline.
  • This is also because it takes time to find a job. So it maybe 1-2 months before someone picks your resume. At that point resume is already outdated.

Find other people resume by searching something like: www.linkedin.com “microsoft” view my resume

Getting wordings right.

Use Grammarly. The Premium version will give you more points.

Use active voice always.

Use resumeworded.com to get a score on your resume and improvement points.

You can also use topresume.com to get a score.

Optimize for readability

Add a summary section. Read the full-stack resume section on summary: https://www.fullstackresume.com/.

[Your professional identity] with [how many years in the profession] of broad experience in [Areas of expertise] with a willingness to learn and master/practice [Areas of Interest]. [Strongest area of expertise] specialist/practitioner/expert/adept.

Put your name, and contact details in the footer. It serves as a call to action.

Make it easier for people to find things and find you.


Applying for Jobs

You have to look for a more targetted approach rather than treating it like a black box.

Target companies so that you avoid wasting time. #whiteBoxApproach.

It’s more effective to search for “best software companies in x country” or “companies that sponsor visa in x” country. And apply there first.


Look at offers from top companies: Google vs Apple vs Amazon vs Microsoft vs Oracle - Compare career levels across companies with Levels.fyi


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