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Shadow Clone of Ideas



Shadow clone is a popular concept in Naruto where a person can clone themselves into multiples. Each clone can then go and do something and once that’s done, the clone disappears and the original person would retain the memory of the clone.

The protagonist, Naruto, could make 1000s of clones.

If making clones were that easy in real life, each one could be assigned a different important task which would lead to super high productivity. Since the clone knows each other super well, there would be almost no friction.

The downsides multiply too. Each clone would have the same weaknesses. All have the same mind.

Not only that but sometimes that is too much mental gymnastics on one person.

I would have opted to make shadow clones anyways but since it isn’t possible (yet), the other best solution seems to be to increase productivity, make shadow clones of knowledge and build good teams.

This means that ideas (clones of knowledge) can evolve and be implemented separately. This brings out uniqueness and the process of collaborating itself would make things better. And it’s less effort on any one person.

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