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Strategies on Team Work



  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

  2. Everyone’s problems/expectations are similar on one level:

  • everyones want to share and want to be really listened to their point of view.
  • Everyone want to feel safe and safe enough to trust.
  • Everyone wants to he respected: respected of boundaries (hopefully healthy ones).
  • Everyone want people to support them even if it’s little.
  1. Everyone has ego.
  • If you criticize the person, you poke the ego.
  • If you critize an approach, then probability that their ego will be poked in a healthy way and it will be on your side or atleast open to discussion.

This is to say you don’t want somone to win or lose. You want Win-Win. Win-Win is a win for all parties to a certain degree.

  1. To build trust, you have to trust and try opening up. But open up on solid ground. You don’t want to be naïve because opening up increases probability of being hurt but also it won’t reciprocate. You want to build trust “together”, not being trust one sided.

Everything in “Team Work” is about doing things “together”.

  1. This one is recent for me: Let everyone (others and yourself) choose and solve their own local problems.

They have right to choose what they want to focus on. You may suggest or lead by example. But forcing you opinions rebounds.

Plus forcing opinions assumes that one really knows “life” which probably no one does fully.

  1. Having mutual respect leads to better understanding and less drama.

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