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These apply to side projects and hyper-growth startup


Good ideas are common and meaningless.

Good execution is rare and therefore valuable.

An implemented idea is 10 times better than a repo of un-implemented ideas.

An implemented idea removes need to search for more ideas.

Get started

Rather than trying to find the perfect idea, start small with the one you have and iterate. 1


No idea is truly original. Be flexible to adapt to new ones. 2

Most ‘unique’ ideas fail. Successful once are spinoffs of already present ideas. 3


In the case of hyper-growth startups, ideas are counter-intuitive. If it seems sensible it is likely a bad idea. 4

Most hyper-grown startup ideas don’t look like startup ideas at all. 4

Trying to find a hyper-growth startup idea is a bad idea. 4

The way to find better ideas is to explore the world and know your customers. 4

Think Big 5


  1. Book: Anything You Work: Start now. No funding needed.

  2. Book: Steal Like an Artist

  3. Book: The Unfair Advantage

  4. Paul Graham: Before the Startup 2 3 4

  5. Book: The Magic of Thinking Big

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