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Strategies on Truth




There are family of algorithms/strategy to seek truth. Each one applies to specific cases

These are some

  1. Telling truth to yourself completely is most important and easiest

  2. If you aren’t specific. Aka you are wage. Then you aren’t telling the truth

  3. If you are with other people and you are not letting them talk, probability is high that you’ll miss the truth

  4. If you are saying something memorized, or talking too fast, probability is high you’ll miss the truth

  5. While understanding something, only if you can explain it deeply. Then you know it. -> Truth

Best way to do it is to actually teach

  1. Tests/Questions asked by other or ask by yourself. Unhide thefog. Let’s you get specific. Truth is always specific.

Though counter is specific isn’t always truth but it is still the best guess

  1. If you seek truth, no matter what you are doing or how bad it seems, you’ll be good in the long term.

  2. Problem with truth is acceptance. So point 1 makes it easier.

  3. Like all core values, you have to realize truth completely to accept and integrate it.

  4. On one level, all of truth is just effective communication/speech

Expression of Intend is more important than expession of facts. Expression of intend isn’t always words.

  1. Truths are true events or facts.

So you sre going to do something is not the truth. It’s a possibility. We mistake this and believe we done it.

If you have done something, it’s a truth.

This is along the lines of why sharing what we are going to do isn’t complete truth yet.


  1. Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

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