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Why memorizing is still relevant?


There is a cognitive bias called the Google Effect.

It means that if we know where to find the information, we won’t try to remember it. Instead, we’ll roughly know the location of where to find it.

This might seem nice at first. But here are some problems:


To make sense of the world/a topic, we need to keep our minds on info long enough to create meaningful connections.

This won’t happen when we just know the reference and have to go read things over.


In the real world, the problems we face are usually of a repetitive nature this is because we haven’t taken the time to form the habits/strategies to cope with them. The more we can remember,


We need to make decisions. To make decisions fast and efficiently, we need to know, remember and recall hard facts on the fly.


By remembering we also save a lot of time in finding, re-reading, and coming to the same conclusions again.

All these make it important to memorize/remember things better.

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