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Writing process (July 2020 Edition)

This post is stupid but I was asked about it once.

  1. Keep going through normal days
  2. Randomly stumble upon something via:
    1. Conversation
    2. Book
    3. YouTube
    4. Podcast
    5. Observation
  3. Keep thinking about it
  4. Wake up at midnight still thinking about it mixed with the creativity of sleepiness & dream.
  5. Either:
    • think about writing a blog, in which case the blog is never written.
      1. The idea is lost.
      2. Go back to Step 1.
    • just write something and publish.
  6. The next day or a few days later, wake up and see an awfully written post.
  7. Fear the reputation damage inflicted by 😑:
    1. Wrong grammar
    2. Wrong words
    3. Wrong sentences
    4. Paragraphs not ordered properly
  8. Fix it.
  9. A few days later,
    1. Do a Grammarly pass.
    2. Add sections to make it easy to read and understand
    3. Add references and inspirations.
  10. A few days later,
    1. If someone mentions a point that can be improved upon or is ambiguous, improve it.
    2. Finding and eliminate cliches.
  11. Get fed up of seeing the same post with no other inspiration in mind.
    1. Think why do I even write this blog.
    2. Delete the local setup of the blog and decide not to write anything for at least a month.
  12. Repeat

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