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Observe other people in action

Learning faster

While doing it yourself is the first step. Observing people is second.

When learning to do anything try to find someone who has already been doing that thing you want to do and observe them in action.

I started learning deep learning and it was very intimidating at start but then I found a YouTube channel where she taught about deep learning and I got to see her developing deep learning projects. She did the same mistakes as me And spent most of the time googling stuff and fixing bugs. I learned more about how things happen in the actual job. I had been fantasizing before.

Similarly, I learn more about programming by watching other people program stop. And by reading other people’s code.

I learn more about how to create an attractive website by learning from smart passive income blog website Reviews which taught me how to set things up.

I learned more about management by watching my seniors and especially my client in a single meeting.

Always be in a position to look 👀 at how others do what you want to do.

It removed a lot of fear, myths, and makes you better by learning from other’s mistakes and methods.

Biographies are also a path.

Similar but with a twist: When you are just starting out, don’t try to imitate the expert.


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