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How to recover from physical injuries faster



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To recover from physical injuries faster like tightness and muscle soreness, your blood should be flowing well.

There are someways to do it and all of them are important to do and lead to similar level of benifits:


It does not have to have a lot of pressure. It can be as soft as possible. Even little bit will help.

If you cannot directly massage the area in pain, massage the area around it. This will atleast let blood flow near the effected area.

1-2-3 Method 1

Source: What Exactly is Foam Rolling and Why Should I Roll?

  1. Atlease 1 minute in an area
  2. divide the area into two zone
    • apply technique to each zone slowly while remembering to breath
  3. 3 Motions: Rolling, Spans and Streaches
    • Rolling: Roll back and forth a few inches at a time
    • Spans: If you reach a tight area wave
    • Streach: Compress the area and streach in full range of motion

A> Always start from ground up. B> Breath slowly. C> Consistency is better than intensity. Before

Cold Exposure

Take cold showers. Atleast 90 seconds. And don’t be afraid of the cold and start taking heavy breaths. Be calm, take deep breaths.

Your’s body will start pumping blood faster to keep your body warm.

Do atleast 30 seconds on the area that is directly effected.

Move and Exercise: Avoid complete rest and immobilization.

Problems multiply when you don’t move the part. Your body does not fully know how to recover a part until you show it how you use it.

So move as much as you can. It’s okay if you can only do quater motion. Do it before it starts paining.

if you cannot move the specific body part because it is too painful. Move other parts, keep blood flowing well.

Rest Enough but not too much.

Rest enough. You want to increase the probability that you’ll work the next day.


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