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The Synchonized 3 Man Squad +/-1


I have come to the belief that 3 people working on a particular micro-service/micro frontends/unit is the most optimal.

Small teams are more effective than larger teams. Keeping a large team in sync is hard.

They have to be dedicated to a single MS/MF because the cost of bringing someone later makes the project delay more.

1 man isn’t enough because they’ll have too much freedom/dependency. Code would be written in such a way that only 1 person knows.

2 is good. It helps in synchronization.

3 is perfect. It’s a synchronized and shared workload. If a person is on leave, 2 can manage easily.

4 is the upper limit. This is a warning zone. Though it may be perfect is project requires a lot of support. But if the project requires a lot of support, it may mean that it isn’t designed well.

More than 4: You have spaghetti. Shortcuts. People doing their own things. High communication bottlenecks.

The idea for this post was developed while talking to my friend Austin Lewis

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