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Agile and DevOps


Agile and DevOps are useful or buzz words depending on who you hear it from.

The 2 can be thought of as effectiveness and efficiency respectively.

DevOps: How to do

DevOps deals with reducing the developer’s headaches by setting up processes and environments (+ mindset) to produce high-quality software. It can be useful to think of DevOps as an infinity loop which only developers deal with.

High-quality software is the once that:

  • get’s built faster
  • allows for quicker change
  • has low/no visible bugs or chances of introducing bugs

It is important for organizations to deliver new features faster and keep their software up to date. The speed of this software delivery will determine how fast the companies make changes.

Agile: What to do

A feature can only be useful when it is delivered.

But more importantly it needs to be the right feature. That’s where Agile comes in.

It helps in knowing and understanding requirements quickly and effectively and get user feedback.

Agile involves everyone. It does not matter is someone is technical or not.

Textbook: What to not do

While Agile and DevOps are considered divine, it can be good to think them of as general principles and not as hard rules to follow.

Doing so is the opposite of what they mean. Don’t become a textbook expert. Textbook people who do Agile or DevOps always suggest doing the opposite of what’s practical or needed.

You might see many versions of both: Scrum/XP - SRE 🤘🏼 but all essentials mean the same thing. It is easier to think of them abstractly.

And for god’s sake, DevOps is not just tools.

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