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Communication Bottleneck in large organizations

and why communication policy is essential

and why communication policy is essential

Productivity increase with regards to extra hires

A smaller company sees an immediate boost in productivity just by the addition of a few extra employees.

As demand increases, the company keeps hiring and increasing its employees.

But after a certain point, the increase is the number of employees does not increase as much as it used to.

Overhead of having many employees

As the number of employees increases, the communication overhead increases.

It becomes harder to align these increased employees to company policies.

As a result, a separate department/role is to develop whose job is to check if employees following guidelines. (More Hiring)

Having a Communication Policy

The amount of message hops it takes to replay information is very high, especially from lower-level employees to a top-level executive.

The time spent in relaying communication is the time that can be spent working on the product.

This is why having a good communication policy is essential.

Communication Policy

The focus should be on reducing as many human middlemen as possible.

To reduce the number of people involved in accessing information

These help employees find the information themselves first.

  • Proper Documentation
  • Recorded Lectures

A simple FAQ/Wiki page is a good starting point.

Focused meeting

Meetings are usually justified regardless of whether the meeting is focused or whether people involved in the meeting are related to it.

Somethings that always make meetings more productive:

  • Having an Agenda
  • Timeboxing
  • Having a limited number of people

Contacting Policy

Most people don’t need information fast. Rather most expect clarity in 2 things:

  • Who to contact for what sort of information.
  • By when are they expected to get a response.

Faster lanes for getting feedbacks and suggestions

In larger companies, it becomes difficult to find problems on an individual employee level. An employee may have a really good suggestion/idea. This type of feedbacks should reach the right people as quickly as possible.

Having open to all suggestions/feedbacks forms is a kind of faster late to make this possible.

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