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3 Big Development Mistakes That Had Significant Costs Later



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Doing everything by myself and not letting the team learn, contribute and grow

Though it was also the case that my team wasn’t very interested in learning and growing, they weren’t interested in coding, so I had to do it all by myself. My work hours increased, and others didn’t learn anything. They could have had valuable ideas to share.

Refactoring/Adding new features at the very end instead of code freezing

I opted for fixing Sonar issues and adding new nice-to-have features because I didn’t want to spend time communicating with other teams for the infrastructure setup of the application.

The last-minute refactored code wasn’t well tested as we manually tested SQL Stored Procedures.


Been a lot guilty of this recently. #curseOfDesignPatterns.

The most important thing in software development is finishing functional requirements.

Non-Functional requirements and requirements like how modular the code is should be discussed with the business, as all this takes away from productive time.

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