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Why Software Engineers Should Enter Other Fields.



Software Engineers

Software Engineers solve problems by building solutions.

We keep iterating on the solutions, make it better and eventually replace the solution with something completely different.

We have efficient processes for managing projects and handling productivity. Even if a deadline is near, the solution is shipped.

Software developers ability to get so much done is because of the nature of software and focus on efficiency.

What problem to solve

A non-technical person does not know the problem that can be solved using technology.

A technical person does not know what problems to solve. The result is that time is solved solving problems on trivial issues like social media instead of more important fields.

How other fields can benefit

Some fields have slow progress rate. There is a long delay in medical research getting to production (Approx 20 year 1). There hasn’t been much innovation in the field even in engineering fields like Civil engineer or biotechnology.

The reason is likely because these fields require physical products and take longer to build and test. A technology solution can help speed up some of their processes.

  • Graphics Modelling and Simulations to speed to testing
  • Data Organization and Retrieval Systems to make sure the right information is accessed.
  • Deep Learning Models to help search for replacing overdependence of specialized hardware.
  • Automation of manual tasks

The best way to ensure these fields get benefits of innovations in computer technology is to work closely with experts in the field or to get into it ourselves.

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