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Fixing Tools - IDE, Code Editors, Etc.


Mastering an IDE means knowing and using features, shortcuts, plugins, etc.

It takes too many interations and years to learn and master a new tools. As you know IDE in detail, your productivity level increases tremendously.

Switching between IDE and Code Editors have very low impact if all of them essentially do the same thing.

This is similar to my approach for deciding to learn a programming topic.

A good IDE should provide:

  1. Lots of feature to reduce coding effort
  2. Plugin Support
  3. Frequent Updates

I believe 2 IDE specially excel at these:

  1. IntelliJ
  2. VS Code

I find IntelliJ to be better at out of the box features specially refactoring. Using IntelliJ opens up for easy migration between all JetBrains tools.

Eclipse is probably the worst ever.

VS Code has better and more plugin.

Favorite Plugins

Maven Helper: IntelliJ

This IntelliJ plugin provides easy way for analyzing and excluding conflicting dependencies.

SonarLint on almost every IDE:

identifies and helps you fix quality and security issues as you code.

Code Stream on almost every IDE:

Allows for easy code reviews.

Language/Technology specific plugins:

All IDEs includes plugin for specific language/technologies.

For example: plugins for Kubernetes, Cucumber, Docker, etc.


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