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Increase collaboration for Developers


Give everyone access to every other repo

Allow them to fork and update code and return with a merge request.

Allowing access also helps share snippet of code. Like how to test A would be available in one repo and can be shared.

Embrace every level of DevOps

That’s easy. Each DevOps stage breaks some silo down.

  • DevOps
  • DevSecOps
  • DevTestOps
  • DevFinOps
  • DevDevDevDevOpsOpsOpsOps
  • AgileOps

Embrace a cycle of continuous code review

Have a continuous humanised code review cycle

  • Code review should be a continuous cycle
  • Code review should be humanised

If you see an error. Report it to the right person/place/raise ticket right away

Who ever you want to increase collaboration with should be on speed-dial or pinned.

If you have opinions say it at last. Let everyone speak their minds freely.

You can say something like “Wait let me check”

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