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Series Kaggle Getting Started

Baby steps towards competitions

Baby steps towards competitions


Because Getting Started is:

  • Easy

  • Less intimidating

  • Less chance of getting stuck

How we will do it?


  • focusing on the process rather than just getting the output.

  • starting with easier problems.


Expectations from this series

Time: 5–6 Hours per challenge or more.

Coding Style: fastai coding style

  • While coding, no function takes 10 seconds.

  • Heavy use of %timeit%

Explanation Style: Based on Kaggle Notebook Commits

  • Notebook Commit 1: Will focus on getting input and output

  • Next N-1 Commits: Will add new features/improvements. These will be linked.

  • Last Commit: Complete solution

This way one can see get a peek behind the finished product.

Abbreviations Used

X = training_data
y = training_label

ds = dataset
dl = dataloader

o = optimizer


  1. [Digit Recognition]({{ site.baseurl }}/mnist)
  2. Facial Keypoints Detection - in progress

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