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Tips on fixing and upgrading Maven Dependencies



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{% include note.html content=”For beginners: Instead of writing your code, you can include code written by other people. This is done by setting up dependencies. Maven is a java build tool that helps streamline and automate dependency management so that you don’t have to manually configure things within each machine. Apart from this, maven also helps in testing, and release and has a plugin ecosystem to automate many tasks.” %}

Updating dependencies is important. Reasons could be:

  • your SAST scan found a list of vulnerable dependancies
  • you want to keep up with the latest.

Here are few things that could make the process easier.

Update dependencies in parent

If dependencies in the parent can’t be updated exclude and update the child.

If you are excluding do write a comment mentioning why you are excluding and if/when to remove the exlusion.

If dependency cannot be upgraded, find a different package specially if it’s a security problem.

Find child dependies easier with Maven Helper plugin for IntelliJ

It can be hard to know the subdependiencies of a dependency. Maven Helper plugin creates a tree that can help.

It has options to exclude dependies too.

Maven Helper IntelliJ Plugin

Run automated tests after updation

Having a good automated test suit helps elevate the risks involves with updation of any kind.

Run all your automated tests to verify if change to dependies is making the code break.

Automate updation

This can be automated by using a maven plugin like Versions Maven Plugin

A pipeline job can be run where version is auto-updated and merged to dev branch if tests are passed. :)


Find unused dependency

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