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Support shows how much the company really care



Overlooked but important

It is a part of a company which is I feel is often overlooked.

The customers who come to support actually use your product and they care enough that they are not jumping switch to another app. Instead they are here to get their problem solved.

It’s not just about pushing a product out, getting money, and then doing nothing. Care for your customers. Not just because they are paid for you and that they will likely continue to use your product … but because it a human thing to do.

Make it easy

Make it easy for them to contact you as easily and as fast as possible.

  • They may want their problem solved quickly: call link
  • Maybe they don’t like talking: put chat link or support email up.
  • Respond at least within 24 hours

On the producers’ side, it also helps to have support costs low by providing FAQs, help guides, and improvements to the product.

Good and Bad Customer Service

Apple & Tesla do wonderful customer service. Even Samsung when they recalled all their exploding Note 10s.

I find banks and telecom companies are bad at customer service. Heck, they even charge fees without much explanation. The reason customers remain is that jumping to another customer is a longer process. They’ll probably jump when an easy transparent option is available (I’ll jump too).

Some companies which I had interaction with and have excellent customer support service:

Most above ideas are probably a result of me watching YC Startup School.

Photo by Berkeley Communications on Unsplash


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