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Office is just school for adults


For many, working 9-5 often is considered non-ideal. Instead, wishing to work for themselves or not to work at all.

Some benefits of working at an office that are hard to replicate otherwise are:

Social Circle

We tend to keep office friendships shallow.

But in a lifetime, we make more friends at the office than from school and college combined.

These include people from many different backgrounds and age groups.

Learning opportunities

Higher-ups in the office want people to take up more responsibility.

A win-win is when there is something you want to do or learn that can help solve a business problem.

All you have to do is ask!

Unlike school, you can pick and choose a lot of things.


Office also provides opportunities to experiment. Try new things out.

Of course, these things are planned within a team and for the benefit of all.

Example: Proposing a new product idea.


Schools have a hierarchy of authority organized by age: Teachers over the students.

Most offices resist age-wise authority. They tend to favor ideas and a person’s past deliveries.


Unstructured time is hard to manage.

The office provides a well-balanced structure for most.


Work provides meaning.

There is nothing that gives more satisfaction than knowing that customers like your product.

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