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Keeping Web Dev Code proper



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Choose a stable framework.

If less modification is required, your code will last longer.

Make very small modular pieces.

In Angular/React, create components even for small things like img or video tag. You’ll find that there are certain attributes you assign to every img tag that can be taken care of from one place

Separate app logic from business logic. You should be able to copy-paste these modules into another code base and use it without changes.

In angular, make use of everything: components, service, directives, pipes, interceptors, etc/

Make layout components

These are common layouts you use throughout the application. Coding them in one place reduces unnecessary duplications.


The best way to deal with CSS is to write less of it.

CSS gets messy fast. By keeping your components small. You are halfway there to a good CSS.

Also make good use of display: flex. It gets most of the job done.


The best way to keep HTML clutter-free is to not write javascript/typescript logic in it

Angular provides a ts file, use it for everything. Even for ngStyle or ngClass.

This will keep your HTML very clean

Create a get method to keep things clean.

Have very few utility classes.

It’s stupid to have too many utility classes spread throughout your codebase. Have only a few at a single place.

Only keep a utility class or method if it is used. Remove unnecessary code.


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