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Actually solve the problem.

And escape it. It's a more empowering path and maybe the only path.

And escape it. It's a more empowering path and maybe the only path.


What’s with people who try to ease situations without ever solving the problem?

It’s like “Oh tumhara maan nahi hai? Maat karo”.

English: “You don’t wanna do it? Don’t do it”

Like what the hell?

“Oh you don’t feel okay.” Just rest. Keep resting.

As if it solves the problem. 🤷🏽‍♂️ The problem remains, and just takes a different form.

Life is full of difficulties

In relationship, there are times when one or both parties have fears stopping them. It’s easy for one of them to back off. Maybe they are anxious or avoidant. It’s like, does it solve the problem?

No, the problem remains. The next relationship, they go to, they’ll face the same problem. Then when should change path

One Jordan Peterson criteria is: If the other path is harder.

Your brain will try to default to easy path. If the other path is harder. Then you should take it.

We can also say that, find good reasons.

For example: Not moving out of India because you are scared. Doesn’t solve the problem. You shouldn’t be scared. Go move out.

When you face the dragon, the dragon becomes smaller

When you are not willing to face what you want to face, the problem becomes bigger.

When you face what you are afraid of head on. Looking the dragon in the eye, the size of the dragon decreases.

It’s like damn, life is full of suffering. But you are stronger

Life is full of suffering. But that’s if you believe it so.

If you tune your perspectives, life is full of challenges.

And each challenge you face, you become stronger.

And when you become stronger, it’s fun and amazing. You have become an hero of some kind.

Don’t be afraid of challenges. Face them head-on.

Actually solve the problem you are facing to the best of your ability. You’ll get stronger!

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