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Easing the process of DB versioning & migration tool adoption


Likely reasons for Liquibase non-adoption

  • Multistep step process
  • Experimentation while creating statements
  • Creating rollback
  • Copying the statements
  • Saving into git
  • Running Liquibase in QA
  • Fixing problems that come while running Liquibase.
  • Lack of GUI

These make Liquibase slower and unappealing bottleneck compared to the alternative of just putting the script in a CR.

Solution 1:

Providing an alternative to Liquibase


Making Liquibase Easier

A simple web tool can be created which only developers would use to automatically generate output in Liquibase or another format which can be executed on a DB.


  • Generation of Liquibase script

As described above

  • Execution of DDL scripts on DB
  • DDL commands can only be executed via the tool.

Along with a message for why the change was made along with the developer id. Optionally, if DDL is associated with a story or a git branch then that info can also be added.


  • Like Kibana: An easy way to track all the DDL changes in a DB.

Similar to logs easily available and searchable.

Solution 2: DB Deployment Manager

In each team a person can be made responsible for all DB DDL changes. Similar to CAST Quality Manager.

Change the focus to process (Automated DB Deployment) instead of tool (Liquibase)

Developers don’t seem to know the goal of Automating DB Deployment.

I don’t believe anyone would disagree with Automated DB Deployment. The problem is likely the tool: Liquibase.

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